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adorable puppies looking for a new home is what we offe

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Shorkie Puppies for sale:

There are a lot of breeders that have shorkies for sale. When a shorkie breeder has shorkies for sale there are a lot of things you need to look at.

What to look for in Shorkie breeders:

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When you are looking for a shorkie breeder you need to do your research. You want to use a breeder that dose the best they can to help produce happy, healthy, outgoing, socialized, beautiful puppies.

There our many shorkie breeders that cut corners to so they can offer shorkies for sale at a cheap price. But with that comes many other things. Like health issues, skin issues, and much more. You need to use a breeder that will be there for you and your new baby for many years to come.

You want to make sure that the breeder you choose to use dose the best of their ability to make sure their adults are 100% healthy, they can do this by doing test on them. Some test can not be done until the adults are at least 1 year old, but no dog should be breed until they are at least a year old.

Remember not every shih tzu or yorkie should be bred. You need to find a shorkie breeder that breeds for  QUALITY NOT QUANTITY.. You also want to use a breeder that has TOP quality adults, so you know they produce adorable top quality puppies..

You want to use a breeder that provides everything for their adults that you would for your new baby. For example

1.Outstanding Vet Care

2. Top quality Food

3. Love and affection

4. Clean home environment

5. Lots of toys

If you choose a breeder that don't do the thing you would for your baby just imagine how they were raised and cared for.

The above is just for starters. Most importantly take your time when choosing a breeder. NEVER make a impulse decision.

What is a shorkie:

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 Shorkie's are a mix of Shih Tzu and Yorkie.

In our option the mom must always be the Shih Tzu and the dad a yorkie.  In our opinion with a shorkie you get the BEST of both breeds.

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What are F1 Shorkie Puppies:

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There are many breeders out there that do what they call a F1 shorkie puppy. Which means both mom and dad is a purebred, so the shorkie puppies they have are a first generation. No matter if you are getting a f1 puppies or a f2 (f2 means a shorkie bred to a shorkie) you need to make sure you know what you are getting.

Some breeders even do what is known as a f1b That is when a shorkie is breed back to a purebred. When this is done the offspring is 3/4 of one breed, and 1/4 of the other breed.

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Health issues a shorkie can have:

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Shorkies can have any health issue's that is known in the shih tzu breed or yorkie breed. There are many health issues that are shared by the shih tzu and yorkie breeds. Here are a couple of them. You can click on each link to see a sample of information about it. Each link will open a new window.


CLICK HERE  For Yorkie Eye issues

CLICK HERE For Shih Tzu Eye issues


CLICK HERE   For Yorkie Liver Health issues

CLICK HERE For Shih Tzu liver health issues



CLICK HERE  For Yorkie Patella/KneeHealth issues

CLICK HERE  For Shih Tzu Patella/Knee Health issues

In order to be a  responsible breeder they  need to do the testing that should be done on each and every one of their adults.

Shorkie breeders can prevent health issues in their babies by making sure their parents are tested for the issues prior to breeding them. If a breeder has a dog that did not pass OFA or CERF or Bile acid test it should NEVER be bred.

When dealing with any dog/puppy that has a yorkie in it Bile acid testing should be done even if no other testing is.

How big are shorkie puppies:

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Shorkie puppies can be as big as their parents or even great grand parents. When a breeder has puppies they need to know how big the whole 5 generation behind the parents are in order to give you a correct size for their puppy. Just because a Shih tzu mom is only 7lbs, and their yorkie dad is 3 lbs dose NOT mean their shorkie puppies will be 3-7lbs..

There is always a chance a puppy could take after their great grandma, just like in humans. Remember the akc standard for a Yorkie is 3-7lbs and the Shih Tzu is 9-16 lbs.

 Most breeders do NOT guarantee size of a puppy. If you have a breeder that says your puppy will be what some call a teacup 1-3lbs or what other call an imperial shorkie 4-6lbs get it in writing.

There are many breeders that use these terms just to sale their normal size shorkie puppies. 

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